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Mobilisation and Manipulations

During the assessment we often find that some joints may be restricted in the amount of movement that they have. We may need to address these to ensure that things are going to work correctly. This involves moving the joints in certain ways to restore good movement. This can be a stand alone treatment or part of a treatment package.

Soft Tissue Mobilsation

This is where we treat the soft tissues and can be focused on the muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia. To ensure we give you the best chance of restoring good function we need to make sure the soft tissues can adapt to the new loading and will not be restricting func


We have a variety of orthoses to offer as part of the treatment plan. Not everyone is going to need orthoses and this will be discussed after the assessment. I prescribe my orthoses to do a particular job as part of the treatment. This means that they need to be custom made for you and all are going to have different effects on the way you move. We have pre made, customised and fully bespoke.

Walking and Running Gait

The important bit about treating an injury is making sure it does not come back. To give you the best chance of avoiding this we need to work on changing the way you move that is causing the problem. Once we have identified this damaging movement pattern I shall then work with you on finding ways to change this. We will use the other treatments to help you do this.

Functional Exercise / Rehabilitation

These exercises are prescribed to help you change the way you move as well strengthen specific movements. They help your body change the way it is working and make working in a new way more efficient and to reduce the damaging loads on the injured structures. I work with you to make these exercises achievable and fully explain the reasons why I think you need to do them.


This is the foot care section. I can help with cutting of toe nails, removing callus and corns, helping with verrucae, removing ingrown nails and offer advice on all aspects of footcare and shoe fitting.


Shockwave is becoming increasing well known for treating longstanding tendon problems. It can be very effective in many chronic injuries that need to heal. It is very effective at turning on the bodies own healing systems and we use it in a variety of ways to do this.