RSScan Gait Scan


Pressure analysis of balance, Walking and Running

This service uses a 1m pressure mat that has 8000 sensors imbedded in it. You can either stand on it to assess your balance, perform exercises like squats or single leg balance, walk and run across it. When the weather is good we can take it outside. The software allows us to look at many factors we cannot see with video. It shows us in fine detail how your weight is distributed across your feet and how you move over your foot when walking or running. This allows us to further fine tune your treatment and provides us with measurable data to check progress.

Phits 3D Printed Orthoses


These are made with the Gait scan software

These orthoses are designed from the software with the RSScan gait scan information. These 3D printed devices allow for localised distribution of areas of support and flexibility. They support your feet where needed without affecting the function of the rest of your foot. We can be extremely accurate with our prescription of your orthoses and ensure that they help with improving the way you move and not just provide arch support. The combination of the scan and devices give you the best combination of being able to make changes to the way you move. The gait scan and orthoses are always backed up with exercises and rehabilitation advice.


Podiatry Services

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Running Analysis

For Performance or Injury Analysis

A running analysis follows on from a biomechanical examination. You can either run on the treadmill or outside (weather / daylight dependant) and I shall video you running from all angles. We then look at this and try to identify what part of the way you move is causing the problem. We then discuss how this can be changed. This may involve addressing a number of issues and use treatments such as; orthoses, footwear advice, specific functional exercises and gait retraining.

Biomechanical Assessment

For injury and functional assessment

This involves assessing what is hurting - to provide a diagnosis - and why it has happened. We have a chat about what is going on, when and what causes it to hurt, how long and any other factors that may be a factor. Examination of feet and body movements, strength and functional movement, barefoot and shod walking. We then discuss what we have found and what needs to happen to sort it out. Which treatments are going to work and why.

Reflexology Therapy
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Routine Foot Care

This involves dealing with any issues related to foot care. So could include; nail cutting, dealing with problem nails such as fungus and ingrown nails, corn and callus removal and treating verrucae.