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What Treatments do I Offer?

Pretty much the same as I offer at both Holywell Healthcare in Chesterfield and Accelerate Performance Centre in Sheffield. Just in a great setting, and at the moment, with a bit more time on my hands. I use a combination of treatments to both reduce your symptoms and alter the loads you are putting on the damaged structures. I will also talk to you a lot about how you can help yourself as much as possible. So there maybe a bit of hands on stuff, maybe some taping, some exercises and rehabilitation, changing the way you move and maybe we discuss using orthoses (insoles) to help the whole process along.

A few of the things I may use to treat you.

Hands on - can be really helpful

Tape to off load the tissues

Exercise prescription to rehab and strengthen

Orthoses to help change movements and alter stresses

Talking about what is going on and how to deal with it

Referral into a colleague who's input we may need

I really hate telling active people with an injury to stop totally and bodies often do not need to stop. Managing the damaging load is important though. You do need to keep the amount of damage you are doing below a level where your body is able to heal it. All activity will cause some level of damage and the repair process makes it stronger, that is why the recovery and repair process is so important. So try the 50% rule if you feel an inury coming on, reduce your activity by 50% and if still not responding then another 50%. If still not improvement then it is best to seek professional help.

So treatments are designed to reduce the load on the tissue that is damaged, help the body heal itself (which is able to do), then you have make the tissues stronger and lastly address the damaging movement pattern that is causing the problem. This is going to ensure you get the best long term outcome whilst minimising the chance of a repeat injury.

Hope this helpful and any questions please get in touch.

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