Foot Orthoses

I use a variety of different foot orthoses as there is definitely not a one size fits all. Foot orthoses come in a variety of styles and designs and should be prescribed to do a particular job. They should help with your presenting problem and either reduce the damaging load on the tissue or help you walk or run more efficiently. They can either be premade or custom made. Following the assessment i will discuss with you what I feel you need.

Podfo - Custom Made

Podfo orthoses are truly custom made to your foot shape and prescribed to help your function. They are made using a laser sintered process from a 3D scan of your foot shape. These are a very modern design and we can do so much more with these than traditional foot orthoses.They also come in a great selection of colours.

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Footlabs - custom made

These traditional orthoses are very well made and come in a variety of materials. I have a great relationship with this company and I can be very versatile in my design and finished product. These can be used to accommodate painful feet as well as help change the way you are moving.

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Talar Made - Premade

These are a great range of products and can be fitted whilst you are with me in the clinic. I dind the best fit for your foot shape and also the way your foot moves. We can adjust these to a certain extent to make sure that they do have an influence on both your symptoms and the way you move.

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