The Clinic is fully open for all services at this time. I am able to see you for new assessments and ongoing care. Please wear a face mask, wash your hands or use the sanitiser. I would prefer card payment. Give me a call if you need to discuss anything about your visit.

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Colpod Podiatry


Podiatry for All


I understand the importance of being outside and being active. Have a look at my pictures below to see how much I value the area where I live and work. Whether walking, running, gardening or enjoying nature having pains in our body will impact on our enjoyment. Our feet play an important part in keeping us active and may be a contributing factor to pains elsewhere in our body. My main interest and specialist area is making the link between the way you move and the impact this has on your body. So, if you are wanting to get around more comfortably, walk the dog a bit further or improve any aspect of your running then I can help. This maybe dealing with a persistent injury or improving your performance. Get in touch and let me see how I can help.

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Biomechanical Assessment / Gait Scan

I will asses your injury and aim to identify why you have become injured. So I will look at how your feet move, check strength and function. We shall look at you walking and if required, running. I can use both video and pressure analysis to provide more information. We can then link your injury / problem to the way you are moving. We shall then discuss the best way to treat the issues.

Shockwave treatment is gaining increasin


I have a variety of treatments available.
These include: orthoses, mobilisations and manipulation of joints, soft tissue and fascia, rehabilitation exercises, walking and running gait re-training, footwear advice and shockwave. I shall discuss with you why I think you have the problem then how to address the issues. This may involve utilising a number of treatments. I also have a colleague who works with me who is able to offer ultrasound scanning and injection thea therpies

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Functional Movement

My aim is to get you moving. This could be providing a variety of exercises, information on how to change the way you are walking and running and providing you with the confidence to just get moving again. Painful bodies often respond well to movement. But we need to be using safe movements and not putting more stresses on your body.


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